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Daren is a resident of Hillsdale, MI and dedicated liberty activist. He sees the path the United States is headed down, and is certain of disaster if changes aren't made soon. Daren got involved with the liberty movement because he saw how government only served a select few in the political class, not "the people," in a republican form of government as it was intended to be. Daren is sick and tired of our rights being trampled on regularly and our Constitution seen as a mere relic by politicians.


Daren believes that ordinary citizens can fight the system. Actions taken at a local level can make a huge difference, a united community doesn't have to conform to centralized tyranny. Knowledge of our history is so important to understand the principles underlying our republic and put them into action. Armed with knowledge, these fundamentals of a free society can be applied to practical applications to start chipping away at Leviathan and eventually take our government back.


This page is created to inform, encourage, and unite others together in the fight for liberty that Daren is so passionate about.

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