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Committed to fighting for liberty, here's his story:
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  • Hillsdale County Republican Party - Chairman; Communications Committee; Precinct Delegate (Jefferson Twp)

  • Stand Up Hillsdale - Treasurer

  • Mises Institute - Young Professional Membership

  • Young Americans for Liberty - Member

  • Tenth Amendment Center - Member

  • Campaign for Liberty - Member

  • Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners - Member


  • J.D., Indiana University Maurer School of Law

  • B.S. Business Administration, Indiana Tech

  • Diploma, Hillsdale High School




  Daren is a native and resident of Hillsdale County, MI, a rural community considered the most conservative area in the state. He was blessed to grow up with strong family and Christian values.

Daren graduated Hillsdale High School where he played three years of varsity baseball. After high school, he earned his bachelor's degree from Indiana Institute of Technology. Daren went on to earn his Juris Doctor from Indiana University Maurer School of Law. His time in law school was very formative as he saw through the blatant leftist and statist agenda pushed from major public universities - as well as the many inconsistencies in the law. This prompted his search for the truth as it relates to history, economics, and political philosophy.

Returning to Hillsdale after law school, Daren worked at the prosecutor's office and handled around a dozen trials, including four jury trials. Daren got to see the "inside" of legal system and started having further reservations about the system and the way victimless crimes are prosecuted. Daren announced his bid for state representative in late 2019, because he wanted to step up and fight back against government tyranny and the constant erosion of liberty and disregard for constitutional protections and rule of law by government. While his run was ultimately unsuccessful, Daren continues to be an advocate for liberty.

In January 2021, Daren was elected Chairman of the Hillsdale County GOP, along with an incredible board of liberty-minded individuals. The new leadership has made a dramatic change to the local party, growing it by over 300% in just a few months, and setting an example for the rest of the county parties throughout Michigan to follow. 

In Fall 2020, Daren started the podcast Based Liberty, after feeling the urge to get his voice out there in response to the growing tyranny amid the COVID lockdowns, and apparent apathy and willingness to comply he saw in the general public that has greatly frustrated him. Not worried about offending anyone, Daren pulls no punches as he tells it like it is, letting the chips fall where they may.

Daren occasionally writes articles, he has been published in Mises Wire, The Imaginative Conservative, Being Libertarian, and Western Journal. Daren's philosophy is influenced by Frederic Bastiat, Murray N. Rothbard, and the heroic Ron Paul, among others.


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